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When telling a close friend or loved one something specifically meant for them to hear, you may lean close enough to whisper it to them.  How does God talk to you?  I have found that the Holy Spirit is a gentleman and treats us respectfully as ladies and gentlemen.  Most of the time, God speaks to me in a still small voice that could be considered a “whisper.” 

1 Kings 19:1-18 Elijah had been a powerful prophet, who with God’s help, defeated the pagan prophets.  He now ran for his life in fear of Jezebel.  Elijah’s eyes were on his own inadequacies and on Jezebel.  He was focused on how powerfully wicked she was and he feared for his life.  ~When our focus is on ourselves, others, or overwhelming circumstances, we are fretful and hopeless.  Thank God, He has mercy on us and intervenes in spite of ourselves!~ When Elijah could run no more in his own strength, he fell asleep and awakened to an angel who fed him.  Elijah became hopeful and yet complained to the Lord of his miserable circumstances. ~His eyes still weren’t focused on the Lord.~

God told him to wait for Him to pass by.  I imagine Elijah was desperate andwaited for God with great expectation.  He heard many loud sounds as he waited to hear God’s voice:  there was wind, an earthquake, and a fire, but Godwasn’t in any of these.  He didn’t give up and leave, but stayed and kept listening because he knew God would speak to him.  Then, in the sheer silence, God spoke in a gentle whisper that captured Elijah’s attention.

God let Elijah know that he wasn’t alone and met his needs on many levels:  spiritually, physically, emotionally, and in relationships.  He does the same with us.  God desires a relationship with each of us and cares about every detail in our lives. God speaks to us in a comforting and loving way, in a whisper.  Weneed to be still and expectantly listen for Him.

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