PERSONAL SHOPPING TIP: Wife just called from sports store searching for a requested gift for a grandchild. “Is Adidas a woke company?” she asked.

A quick search on DuckDuckGo (Google is woke and does not give the same search results) revealed that Adidas supports transgender men competing in women’s sports.

Adidas is now dropped from our shopping list.

Why give your money to companies that hate your values? They use your money to promote woke causes, and wokeism…progressive ideologies that are intent on defeating and replacing the foundational and historical values of our society that are rooted in our Judeo/Christian faith…is a sickness that is spreading.

Being woke has nothing to do with justice for the oppressed or protecting minorities from prejudice or discrimination. This is doublespeak that has been co-opted for a marxist agenda of annihilating the nuclear family and “In God We Trust.”

I realize a shopping choice may not be possible in every situation, because you may not have a choice. For instance, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobil, the big three…all have bite the apple somewhere.

But as much as possible, think about where your money is going and do your best to shop with companies that haven’t gone over to the dark side.

Not one to share a rant without some recourse, I offer these two links by Dave Seminara, whoever he is despite an impressive resume, that make an effort to categorize the unwoke companies and the woke companies.

If your research offers something better, let me know.

Awake – not woke,