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“The faithful person lives constantly with God.”  Clement of Alexandria

“Though we are faced with seasons of loss, and pain, God has a plan to not only provide for us but also heal us.  We simply need to turn and trust Him.”

Late one night, I remember my Mom calling my brother, sister, and me to tell us that our Dad had just died.  She was long distance at a hospital. After we hung up the phone, we joined hands and prayed for her and then went to our rooms to go to bed because we had school the next day. As I was going down the hall, I felt overwhelmed by waves of grief and felt devastated that I’d never see my Daddy again.

All at the same time, I felt the Lord comfort me as He spoke to my heart, “I am your Heavenly Father and I will never leave or forsake you.”   We’d all recently come to know the Lord in a very real and powerful way.  I was fourteen at the time.  Through the months and years that followed, I’ve missed my Dad greatly and I look forward to seeing him again in heaven.  I’ve also been comforted by the Holy Spirit and have found great peace in trusting God with my whole life.

“The book of Ruth demonstrates the power of God to transform a life from hopelessness and sorrow to hopefulness and joy.  Naomi chose to put her hope in God and found God working through the unexpected love story of Ruth and Boaz to provide for her.  However, the story doesn’t end there.”

Ruth’s husband and his brother died.  She experienced heartbreak and loss and –needed a new beginning.  She went with her mother-in-law back to her far away homeland in search of food.  She left all that was familiar and accepted the one true God as her own Lord and trusted Him.

Ruth had a heart of obedience and went and gathered wheat at the edges of the fields as Naomi had instructed her to do. It was common for widows and orphans to do so at that time.  She worked very hard and was noticed by many.  Her reputation was that of a loving, loyal, and kind person.  Boaz (a wealthy kinsman to Naomi’s husband) also noticed her and soon Ruth found more food in his fields.  Eventually Boaz married Ruth.    Ruth 1-4, Leviticus 19:9-10

Redemption is something we could never do for ourselves!  Boaz redeemed Ruth by giving her a life and a future.  Jesus gave His own life in order to be our redeemer, the One who saves us from our sins.  He too gives us a life of hope and a future.

Song by Honeytree “Lord, give me the heart of Ruth, full of faithfulness and truth.  Teach me to follow you…”


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