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Scott Trandel was the coordinator and team leader for the US Delegation to Nigeria in Nov 2018 for three powerful RI Conferences. Scott serves on the US Board of Advisers for RI.

I was blessed to return to Nigeria for the third time. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I didn’t arrive until Tuesday missing all of the Lagos conference except for the last night. I arrived with the last meeting already in progress and having only an hour, I ministered two messages merged into one and prayed over the congregation.

The anointing and grace of God was strongly present. There were 400 or so in attendance, mostly ministers. After service, we stayed awhile greeting everyone and taking many pictures. It was disheartening to arrive late, but God prevailed. My co-laborer Evangelist Chris Reed arrived on Saturday so he ministered every service in my absence. He was quite a powerful preaching machine. His stamina and tenacity were amazing and commendable.

We traveled from Lagos to Abuja on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the flight was late so we missed the morning meetings. Such is air travel in a foreign land. At night, Chris shared an encouragement and I ministered the Rejoice International vision from Ezekiel 37. We didn’t expect the crowd of 200 with 90% being ministers. It was a great breakthrough for our first RI conference in the capital city.

The last day of this conference was a morning session followed by the inauguration of the new RI chapter in Abuja. It was tag team preaching with Bishop E. Jeremiah, Evangelist Chris Reed, Bishop Timothy Ifedioranma, me and Dr Emmanuel Jack. The Spirit flowed connecting all the messages and launching them into their season of acceleration! We prayed for the new leaders and I released a word over the directors. I was told 130 new applications were received to join Rejoice International Nigeria!!

We then traveled from Abuja to Owerri for the final conference. This conference combined both the Owerri and Aba chapters for Imo and Abia states. There were about 120 ministers present along with members of the host church.

Both Chris and I preached in the morning on Friday. The evening meeting was amazing! The presence of God and manifestation of the Spirit was quite evident. Chris preached a strong message. I had the congregation sing a simple song refrain I heard in my spirit, “Holy Spirit I reverence you”. As they continued to repeat it, the Shekinah glory enveloped us! I’m sure angels were there!!

I released a prophetic word over the conference and the directors of the two Nigeria states, then prayed for the 3 directors present. I followed with a message on acceleration. It was truly an awesome night!

The conference ended Saturday morning. We both preached again. Chris preached a revelatory message on giving. I preached on releasing the glory within. A few prophetic words flowed. Most importantly 12 people responded to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They were so precious as they knelt on the hard floor in the presence of God. As we prayed and laid hands on them, they all spoke with tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance!

We finished the meeting by laying hands on every person and anointing them with oil. We encouraged them to come and receive whatever they were believing for while we agreed with them in prayer for healing, deliverance, signs, wonders, miracles, etc. The church in these two states were edified and encouraged.

The Nigerians are so receptive. All of them taking notes with their Bibles open. The youth are attentive. The Nigerian Church is a far closer example to the real church I envision in Acts and what I believe will be the Great and Glorious Remnant Church. There is real revival fire burning in the saints’ hearts.

The Nigerians think we are blessing them but we are only two. We receive the blessing of their love, care, respect and welcome by the hundreds and thousands. We are the ones who are abundantly blessed!!!

My week ended at Pastor Jeff’s Church, Christ Allied Worship Center. He did a combined service at the Iba location and bused in members from the Orile church. I support them monthly and brought Pastors Jeff and Joy Nike shoes and released a word that this was prophetically symbolic in 3 ways: running to keep up with the expansion and acceleration of God in their ministries, travel to other nations including the US and a greater emphasis on winning the lost – how beautiful are the feet of them that bring good news! I then took up an offering as a first seed for expanding the Iba building and buying land and a building in Orile. I had the people come and lay it at Pastor Jeff’s feet.

I preached, laid hands on every person – maybe 250, prayed for the leaders and those who sacrificed financially to rent the bus to come from Orile. We finished where I met Rev Chris Reed who preached at both Dr Jack’s church and Bible School convocation. Since I arrived late, I was given the opportunity to pray a blessing over the graduates.

A special thank you to Apostle George Black for entrusting me to represent Rejoice International on his behalf. Thanks also to Bishop Timothy Ifedioranma who invited us and gave us the freedom to bless the people of Nigeria and continue to expand the Kingdom of God.

Scott Trandel

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